How does a demotivated UX Designer like myself re-enter the Creative Zone?





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Akash Solanki
Akash Solanki
You can sense that your design is a bit off, but you don’t know where it went wrong.

Sometimes you feel stuck in the middle of your project.
You can sense that your design is a bit off, but you don’t know where it went wrong.
We all can relate to it. There are days when everything flows smoothly, and then there are days when we need to force ourselves to churn ideas and make things work.
Here are three simple ways to get back into the creative zone:
1. Switch to Black & White
Remove all the colors and graphics from the design and stick to black and white at the moment. This will help you recognize what is missing and what needs to be fixed. Now, take it from there. When you think everything is excellent, add one element at a time to the design.
2. Ask for Feedback
Be open to receiving suggestions and feedback. Most times, it will broaden your horizon and push you to see things from a new window. Ask your colleagues and friends to review and critique your design. But remember that it is your design and you must decide what’s best.
3. Take a Break
Instead of forcing things and sitting at your desk, walk away from the project. Go out for a walk, have lunch or meet your friends. It will bring clarity and freshness.
When you are away from the project, your subconscious mind will be processing all the aspects and looking for a solution. This is also known as the incubation process.
The break can spark an unusual idea and bring out unexpected results.
Have more tips? Share them and help fellow designers.
The last I would like to add is to go back to basics.
Sometimes, revising the fundamentals can help you come up with new ideas. There are chances that you are trapped in the working cycle for so long that you didn’t get a chance to train your brain. You might end up making new connections and combinations.
😍 So, there we go. Thanks for reading.
If you enjoyed it, I’d really appreciate if you could take a second and tell a designer friend. Honestly. It makes such a big difference.
😉 Happy Designing (:
🍻 Cheers! - Akash
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Akash Solanki
Akash Solanki @antivirusakash

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